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Structural resin used to service airport runway

Supplier: Mainmark
29 September, 2011

The main runway at South Korea's number two airport, Gimpo, had developed some low spots in the main runway and taxiway surfaces.

Although these spots were quite shallow they threatened real danger because of the potential for ice patches to form and cause aircraft to skid.

As the Uretek company in South Korea was just newly established, they asked for an fully-experienced Australian Uretek crew to come to direct and assist with correcting the situation.

That team, led by Uretek Australia’s operations Manager, Russell Deller, flew in with their technical equipment and all the resin materials required. The project was to raise and re-level the sections of the runway and taxiways that had been ponding.

Precise levels were taken and 16 mm diameter holes were drilled to beneath the slabs at carefully calculated locations within each affected spot. Uretek multi-component structural resins were injected to expand under the slabs. At first voids were filled and soft substrate areas were compacted and strengthened.

Then, as injection continued, the low spot areas began to raise a fraction of a millimetre at a time. Each small injection was carefully monitored by laser level and injection was continued until absolutely the right level had been achieved, evenly across the affected spot.

There was almost no interruption to flights during the several days of this operation, because one area was treated at a time and when required the Uretek crew could move their equipment out of the way quite easily in their fully self-contained mobile operations rigs.

It was no problem to have planes run over the newly treated areas since the Uretek resins cure to 90% strength in less than a minute or two.

More information about Uretek work on airports and other projects: www.uretek.com.au or 1800 623 312