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Sturdy over-centre spare wheel fastener for 4WDs

Supplier: Pressform Engineering
10 November, 2011

Pressform Engineering has more than 30 years experience in high quality custom made metal manufacturing for industrial, commercial and residential projects world wide.

Pressform can fabricate and supply your entire building product or simply provide the smallest component.

This Over-Centre Fastener was recently manufactured for a reputable Australian supplier of outback equipment.

Designed to fasten and secure a spare wheel to the back of a 4WD, this 210mm long x 80mm wide zinc plated carbon steel fastener with its clip-in u-bracket handle, rivets, mounting plate and formed handle required high quality manufacture to ensure it would stand up to extremely tough conditions and the result is a great example of Pressform's fabrication capabilities.

Designed by the client and manufactured in its entirety in Pressform's Perth factory, the Over-Centre Fastener required two die sets made to blank (punching out the triangle mounting bracket) and another die set to punch the holes.

A former in Press machine was then used to form/joggle the bracket. Mild steel wire was then bent into handle while bright steel was turned on our CNC lathes to produce the rivets.

The Ferrels were cut from 16mm diameter bright steel and the parts flattened and stress relieved to prevent cracking from fatigue. All the Fastener parts were assembled after zinc plating.

Extensive experience combined with a state of the art 2200 square metre factory allows us to fabricate complicated structures up to three tonnes.

Pressform provides all forms of welding, cutting, rolling, CNC punching and perforating, bending, stamping, hot forming, CNC machining and profiling. They design, build and maintain all their own tooling, which ensures products are both time and cost effective.

Pressform works with all metals including stainless, nickel alloys, aluminum, copper, brass, carbon steels, quench and tempered steels to create building products for the most challenging of designs.

Pressform Engineering can custom make to your specification, alternatively their highly experienced team specialises in providing design solutions.

Anything from base plates, structural steel, balustrades, hand rails, lintels, column stirrups, cleats, splice plates, angle brackets, roller door brackets, pipe clamps, pipe clips, ladders and perforated mesh to sheet metal, painting trestles, reinforcement bars, fire extinguisher brackets and sunshade supports.

Simply send Pressform your AutoCAD File drawings by email and they will quote to manufacture.