Sumitomo Drive Technologies Case Study – Bluescope Steel

Background - Located in Port Kembla, the sinter plant was commissioned approximately 10 years ago.


30 Sumitomo Cyclo Geared Motors are installed as Roll Feeder Drives in the plant. The model used is CHHM1-6195DA-6177 with a 0.75kW motor and ratio 6177:1.

The Roll Feeder Drives pictured have been in use since commissioning with the only maintenance being the scheduled oil changes.

Preventative Maintenance

As a preventative measure one drive will be replaced with a new drive that has been procured. This drive will be refurbished with new seals, bearings and a fresh coat of paint before being re installed, replacing the next unit in service. The same will happen to each of the 30 drives until all have been refurbished.


The Sumitomo Cyclo Geared Motors in this application have been in service for almost a decade, providing reliability and a long life. During this time there has been no downtime or unscheduled maintenance required. The Cyclo's unique design offers many advantages, some of which include long life and high shock load capacity.