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Sunken structures lifted and re-levelled to make mines safer

Supplier: Mainmark
22 September, 2011

A quick and cost-effective method of re-levelling and re-supporting conveyor belt structures, stacker-reclaimer rails and mining machinery bases has been used in West Australia and New South Wales with great success.

Mine operators experiencing problems can now substantially reduce major closure or down time and fix OH&S issues fast and economically.

Delivered by URETEK Ground Engineering, this patented method involves injection of engineered structural resin into the ground via small drill holes. When the resins enter the ground, they combine chemically and expand very strongly in a well-controlled way.

This unique technology has many benefits for mine operators, particularly the speed at which the ground stabilisation and re-levelling can take place, as most jobs are completed within a day or two. The areas treated can be back in use just 30 minutes after the URETEK treatment.

URETEK technicians monitor the lift using precision laser equipment until the slabs or structures are brought back to the desired level. The Process fills voids and compacts and strengthens weak ground.

After setting the material is completely inert, will not affect the environment nor leach into ground water.

For more information contact URETEK on 1800 623 312 or visit URETEK's website