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Sunstate Cement

Supplier: Kockums Bulk Systems
11 November, 2013

Kockums Bulk Systems has supplied and commissioned a Pneumatic Conveying System handling the out flow from the new Mill 4 Complex at Sunstate Cement in Brisbane.

This new mill and the addition of extra storage silos has created a situation where up to 4 such mills could be required to transfer cement / fly ash to any of 12 destination silos, up to 150m away.

How do you design a system for networking this combination of multiple sources and destinations, that utilises heavy 200NB pneumatic conveying pipelines?

Conventional thinking would apply the use of individual 2 or 3 way 'in line' branch-type diverter valves, which would clearly create a large number of bulky assemblies that could not be accommodated in restricted spaces, and make for very expensive and complex pipe configurations.

In considering a design solution, Kockums Bulk Systems addressed the two main issues of space saving and simplification, and the requirement for durable long life valves that would minimise the requirement for maintenance access.

The CLYDE Dome valve was a given for the valve choice, demonstrating superior long life performance in a simple, robust package, and the fact that Sunstate have now standardised on this valve for all pneumatic systems. As agents for the Clyde Dome valve, Kockums Bulk Systems is witnessing a resurgence of this valve as the pre-eminent, high specification valve, for bulk solids handling systems.

'Pot' type diverters have been used in the pneumatic conveying systems for many years with good results in a range of industries and applications. By creating so called "towers" of 4 high pot-type diverters, the resultant compact design saved significant space and cost, with better than expected access, even though up to six outlets per pot was achievable.