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Supagraf Premier

Supplier: James Walker

Supagraf Premier is one of James Walker's top-of-the-range fugitive emission control packings for valves.

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It is a best available technique product for reducing industry's VOC fugitive emissions in line with the European Union's IPPC Directive.

This cost-effective, length-form packing is manufactured in exfoliated graphite, reinforced in a novel way to provide additional strength and resistance to pressure and extrusion. It incorporates an advanced lubricant system that prevents the pick-up of graphite on valve stems.

TA Luft tests & golf balls
Tests in Germany to TA Luft/VDI 2440 emission control requirements show that gas leakage past a set of Supagraf® Premier valve packings would not even fill a golf ball in a year!

The tests were carried out by the Amtec laboratory for Ruhr Oel - a 50/50 joint venture of Deutsche BP and Petróleos de Venezuela - which owns the Schloven and Horst refineries at Gelsenkirchen, plus the Munchsmunster petrochemicals plant.

The targets of the investigation were to confirm TA-Luft leakage rates less than 10-4mbar.l/(s.m) at sealing system temperatures below  250°C, and less than 10-2mbar.l/(s.m) at above 250°C, for a 56mm OD set of rings.

The test cycle involved 1000 vertical valve stem movements of 40mm - without live loading on the packing - whilst sealing helium at 2.5MPa for 24 hours.

Leakage measurements after 24 hours at 240°C showed 7.0 x 10-6mbar.l/(s.m). This is less gas than will fill a golf ball in a year at ambient pressure.

After 24 hours at 400°C the leakage rate was 2.3 x 10-5mbar.l/(s.m). This is less gas than will fill a tennis ball in a year at ambient pressure.

These results also demonstrate that Supagraf® Premier very easily surpasses TA Luft requirements for a 'High Grade Valve Packing'.

Typical applications for Supagraf® Premier
Supagraf® Premier is designed for harsh operating conditions where fugitive emissions from all types of valves need to be reduced to well below 100ppm. It is well proven and widely used in systems handling fluid media such as hydrocarbon liquid fuels and gases, lubricating oils and processing chemicals.

Supagraf® Premier is third-party tested and certified to:

•TA Luft Rev 07.2002 requirements/VDI 2440.
•EN ISO 15848.
•Shell specification SPE 77/312 Rev 06.2007: Class B rating with 47.MPa helium in Class 2500 valve. 
•Shell specification SPE 77/312 Class A, Rev 16.10.2002.
•API 607 Fire Safety - to an extended specification.
Prime features

•Third-party verified emission control performance.
•Came top of its class in independent tests run on behalf of the CAPI Group (Akzo Nobel, Shell, Dow and DSM).
•Suitable for both rotary and rising-stem valves.
•Low friction action without graphite pick-up.
•No special fitting techniques needed.
Chemical properties
Chemically inert within the range pH 1-14, excluding strong oxidising agents. It has negligible volatile content.

Service capabilities - valve stem duties
Maximum operating temperature:  +450°C in oxidising conditions.
Minimum operating temperature:   -200°C.
Maximum system pressure:           25MPa.

How supplied
Split preformed rings and sets for ease of installation and optimal performance, or length-form in boxes containing 8m for on-site maintenance economy. Ex-stock: all popular square sections from 3mm upwards to suit all standard valves. Non-standard square or rectangular sections made to order. Full fitting instructions are included.