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Super sealing

Supplier: Packserv
19 September, 2011

Induction sealing is an effective way to maintain a sterile and sealed environment, products can be contained far beyond their normal shelf life.

Used across most manufacturing industries, it is fast becoming an industry standard.

How It Works
Sealing takes place after capping (i.e. sealer heats up the seal inside the container once capped). It is important to have a good cap tightener because if the cap doesn't press the seal down on top of the container it won't form a good bond. A simple way to order your induction sealing wads is to ask your cap supplier to supply your caps pre-wadded.

The process used in manufacturing would most commonly be to fill the container, tighten the cap with the foil wad inside and pass under the induction sealer, then onto any other processes such as ink jet coding, labelling and packing. Induction sealing is the most effective when sealing a plastic lid with a plastic bottle.

The Enercon Super Seal is a robust portable and very reliable automatic induction sealing machine. It requires single phase power and is mounted onto a trolley so it can be easily moved into position over a continuously running slat or belt type conveyor.

Enercon Super Seal Junior is a semi automatic bench top sealer. The seal is of the same quality as an automated induction sealer but the advantage of this machine is that it allows manufacturers the ability to seal products in small volumes without using a production line.