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SuperDiscs - Ask the experts!

Supplier: Trio Packaging Systems By: Trio Packaing Systems PTY Limited
09 November, 2016

With the recent exciting news about the improved manufacturing process of Fantastak’s SuperDiscs we interviewed our Account Managers to give you an insight into how to choose the right SuperDisc.

Q & A

Q: The first question to ask the team is why are Fantastak’s SuperDiscs from Trio Packaging so fantastic?

A: SuperDiscs are so versatile! We speak to so many different companies about them.

SuperDiscs give a professional finish to packaging; they look so much cleaner than strips of tape. Companies spend a fortune on getting their packaging designed; it is a real shame when they use any old tape that tends to get tatty as it isn’t suitable. They tend to be all different sizes, widths and put on in such a haphazard way… it just looks messy. The companies that use our SuperDiscs for their packaging finishing really think about their customer right to the last detail, so it reassures the customers that they can expect a quality product.

We have a lot of conversations with people that have issues with their product packaging ‘popping’ open in transit, which means that their contents can spill out and they have to deal with a lot of wastage issues. Our SuperDiscs are available in a peelable form, so they can be added as a temporary measure, or a permanent SuperDisc can be used during transit right until the products are on the selves.

A big problem for retail customers for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, clothes and gifts is making the packaging tamper proof. If their products are tampered with on route or by customers in a shop the product may get contaminated or ruined, so is wasted. If they were to add a SuperDisc with a permanent adhesive, this would be prevented. SuperDiscs can also have a perforated line across the centre of the discs, which would do the same trick and be neater for the customer to open after purchase. You just have to be careful that the perforated edge is applied exactly where the SuperDisc needs to break.

Q: What is the most frequent question you ask customers when they are deciding which SuperDisc to use?

A: Do they mind if the product that they are applying to is torn or ripped when opened? We ask this because people invest a lot of time and effort into their packaging and if a permanent adhesive SuperDisc is used (without a perforation) it will cause the surface to be damaged when it is removed. The peelable SuperDisc should be used if the product needs opening and closing easily, as that doesn’t cause the damage the permanent SuperDisc will produce. So, it is really important for us to know what the application is to advise on which substrate to use.

Q: What happens if one of your customers wants a different size or shaped discs for their application?

A: We can do bespoke SuperDisc sizes and shapes. The customers need to provide us with as much information as possible on the dimensions and quantities (as there is a minimum order required for bespoke items). We then cost up the job and send through the quote, and if the customer is happy to go ahead we make them at our factory in Bradford. It takes a bit longer to get the final product to them compared to our next day delivery of stock items, so they just need to factor that into their product plans.

Our Account Managers would be happy to help you with adhesive questions, please contact us.