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SuperDots - why they're perfect for promotional materials

Supplier: Trio Packaging Systems
08 January, 2017

When sending out promotional materials and direct mail it is important to give a good first impression.

If you need to attach something to your materials you don’t want it to come unstuck in transit between production and its destination. This is where Trio Packaging and SuperDots can help you.

SuperDots are pressure sensitive adhesives that bond instantly when attached to materials. They are cleaner than liquid adhesive or tapes, and provide a faster and safer bond than hot glue adhesives. Not only do they provide a secure bond on your promotional materials, but as soon as that CD or coupon needs to be removed they can be just as easily as they were applied with little or no staining to either product.

Also, achieving that perfectly positioned finished product could not be quicker as opting for SuperDots over hot-melt glues means there’s more time putting the product together and less time waiting for glues to heat up. There’s also less chance of accidental injury from hot adhesives as well!

Similarly SuperDots can be used on the outer packaging of your promotional materials as well for a selection of the same reasons. Whether you’re assembling a box or securing the fastening of an envelope SuperDots provide that reliable adhesive solution that you have been looking for!

SuperDots/GlueDots From Trio Packaging Systems