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Superior Safety

Superior Safety has been in the protective clothing market for over 40 years with its humble beginning's in 1963. The company has evolved from its origins in rainwear and later in the Gortex leisure market to become involved in Industrial Hi Visibility Safety Clothing. Along the way, we have utilised our experience in apparel design and material technology, to produce a range of value-for-money safety clothing. Our range consists of Hi Vis Safety Vests, Hi Vis Polo Shirts and Hi Vis Sloppy Joes, Breathable Waterproof Rainwear through to Cold Weather wear including flying jackets, padded parkas, combination jacket and polar fleece lined vests. All garments are manufactured to Australian, New Zealand and European Standards. These garments are currently being worn by personnel in the construction, building, mining, manufacturing and industrial markets.We are flexible in our clothing designs and have the facilities to produce garments for specialist industries.

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