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Supplying powerful drives for Italian brewery

Supplier: NORD Drivesystems
31 August, 2012

During 40 years of continuous around-the-clock operation, the tanks and vats in the Forst specialty beer brewery's old brew house produced 25 million hectoliters of beer.

Now, since brewing technology has progressed, especially with regard to energy aspects, the management decided to construct a completely new brew house which was to operate highly efficiently, comply with the latest safety requirements, and produce the lowest possible emissions.

The brewery commissioned leading German companies to develop the brewing technology and the special drive engineering.

In the very first week after start-up, the brewery reduced its primary energy consumption by 30 per cent.

Five large vats, including the technology and piping systems, a newly designed water supply, and a malting plant with twelve silos as well as three separate storage vats – the engineers and technicians had just 16 months to construct the main components from scratch for the 154-year-old Forst brewery in Algund, South Tirol.

The new brew house is located at the perimeter of the extensive brewery premises and can easily be seen from the road passing by.

The 4,800 m² glass facade offers a view of the plant, which is considered a model of modern European brewing. Up to twelve brews per day can be produced, each with a volume of 630 hectoliters. The annual production capacity is 900,000 hl.

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