SureDamp Sorbothane Isolators

Supplier: Mackay Rubber
12 August, 2013

The Mackay SureDamp™ isolator range extends the range of applications for the extensive Mackay Flexible Isolators range.

SureDamp™  isolators have been designed for low load  applications where traditional rubber isolators
cannot provide adequate vibration isolation  or vibration damping. SureDamp™ isolators  can also be used in place of traditional rubber  isolators where superior damping properties are  required

SureDamp™ isolators are made using the thermoset, polyether-based, polyurethane material Sorbothane™, known around the world for its unique combination of properties.Sorbothane™ combines shock absorption, good memory, vibration isolation and vibration damping characteristics.

In addition, Sorbothane is a very effective acoustic damper and absorber. While many materials exhibit one of these characteristics, Sorbothane™ combines low creep rate compared to other polymers and a superior damping coefficient, over a very wide temperature range.

The SureDamp™ range of isolators uses the unique materials properties to provide vibration damping, acoustic insulation and high durability.SureDamp™ MultiCushions™ extend the MultiCushion range into lower load range applications and open up a wide range of possibilities for the protection of delicate electronics, providing superior isolation and damping.

Geometrically identical to the standard rubber MultiCushions™ the Mackay MultiStud™ system is used with SureDamp™. SureDamp™ two-piece isolators allow isolation of circuit boards, panels and control boxes where lateral stiffness or low profile is required.

SureDamp discs and hemispheres introduce self adhesive fixture and SureDamp sheet allows custom shapes to be made.


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