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Surge Filters | SFH - 2000A

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Novaris Surge Filters, such as the SFH - 2000A, provide unsurpassed levels of protection, when installed at a main switchboard or distribution boards Novaris Surge Filters will protect all connected equipment.

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Features of the SFH - 2000A Surge Filters include:

  • All Mode Protection - Novaris surge filters feature all mode protection for all combination of lines (L-N, L-E, N-E) ensuring the maximum level of protection is achieved at all times.
  • Multistage Transient Protection - Models featuring multistage transient protection deliver greater levels of protection through a staged approach. The primary stage absorbs the majority of the surge energy. The remaining stages provide accurate clamping and a degree of redundancy.
  • Redundant Segments - MULTIMOV surge diverters feature a parallel redundant arrangement of high energy metal oxide varistors (MOVs), thus promoting long life and exceptional surge handling capacity. In the event of a varistor failure the remaining segments continue to provide protection.
  • Surge Current Fusing - Surge current fuses allow components to absorb maximum energy but in the event of a component failure the fuse will open to isolate the damaged component.
  • Thermal Sensing - Sustained overvoltages can cause components to overheat and degrade. Thermal sensing warns of this condition without disconnecting the protection.
  • Percentage Active Display - A digital display confirms the device rating upon switch on then displays percentage active. The display indicates segments status and thermal overload.
  • External Alarms - Models featuring external alarms have voltage free changeover contacts for remote status indication.
  • Safe Metal Enclosure - Novaris surge protection products are housed in safe, all metal enclosures. In the event of a prolonged overvoltage they will not catch fire or explode.

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