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Surge protection for SCADA and process control

Supplier: Novaris By: Tristan King
22 September, 2014

SCADA and process control equipment, such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and associated switching and metering equipment typically contain sensitive electronics, and therefore are at a high risk of damage in the event of electrical surges.

The equipment itself and the downtime necessary to repair and replace damaged equipment can 
become very costly. When designing a lightning protection system, the SCADA equipment must be 
given special consideration to minimise the risk of damage and system downtime.
Novaris has engineered a range of products intended to minimise the risk to process control equipment in the event of an electrical surge, whilst not effecting the operation of the equipment. The level of protection provided, and the correct operation of equipment is dependent upon selecting the correct surge protective device (SPD) for the application.
This Application Note covers surge protection for:
  • Installation of SPDs for hazardous areas
  • Surge protection for Analogue and Digital I/O with isolated DIN rail
  • Surge protection for up to 6A current
  • Surge protection requirements for analogue and digital inputs / outputs 
  • Interposing Relays
  • Residual Temperature Devices
  • Surge protection for a 4-20mA Loop
  • Surge protection wiring for a 4 wire RTD
  • Surge protection wiring for a 3 wire RTD
  • Surge protection wiring for a 2 wire RTD
  • Surge protection for RS232
  • Surge protection for RS485
  • Surge protection for Multidrop RS485
  • Surge Protection for RS422
  • Surge protection for ethernet
This document is intended to aid in selecting the correct SPD for a variety of different applications commonly found in process control, and to give the designer an idea of where SPDs should be