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Suspension Kits

Supplier: 4WD Systems

Designed to dramatically improve on road comfort, road handling and load carrying capacity, the Systems Suspension also improves off road performance by improving wheel travel, traction and ground clearance.

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Suspension Kits

Whether you are driving on the highway or off the beaten track the fitment of a 4WD Systems Suspension will provide a significant improvement over factory original or worn out suspension systems.

It is common knowledge that a poor suspension system gives spongy, unstable road handling, pitching, limited load carrying capacity and towing ability which ultimately causes driver fatigue, longer travel times and reduced road safety.

Off road, the limitations of a tired suspension means a bouncing or bone jarring ride, damage to the vehicle and its contents, limited wheel travel causing wheel lifting and wheel spin combined with poor ground clearance - hence poor traction, bump steering and generally limited 4WD capability. Not to mention excessive and uneven tyre wear.

Shock Absorbers
Huge 41mm internal diameter and longer travel results in increased fluid oil capacity. More fluid means more viscosity means more effective damping action for longer as the thicker fluid oil ports through the valving in the piston head. Multiple stage valving improves response to varying road and track conditions. Smooth controlled ride not sharp or spongey.

Torsion Bars
Increased diameter for increased spring rate, improving control under brakes, cornering and pitch.

Precisely engineered ends are designed to fit each vehicle correctly. Accurate hardening and tempering reduces breakage. Fully scragg and load tested.

Made from high grade spring steel.
Diamond cut leafs reduce friction, hence greater heat dispersal and reduced wear.
Military wrap for extra strength and safety
Spring clips loosely clamped to prevent premature wear and reduced noise

What is not so commonly understood is that a correctly matched suspension system for your vehicle and your specific type of driving application can overcome all of these problems.

A Systems Suspension will yield a level of comfort not previously considered possible, yet at the same time still give a substantial increase in the vehicle's load carrying/towing capacity as well as improved wheel travel for off road handling. Depending on the individual's needs an increase in ground clearance can also be achieved.

It is important to understand that your suspension system must not only have matched components but that these components be selected appropriately for the vehicle and the type of use. As you are spending the money, you need the guarantee of the best possible performance for your specific needs.

Thus at 4WD Systems we consider the model of vehicle, what motor and wheel base, whether towing a caravan or trailer, determine the payload required and of course give consideration to any accessories fitted (ie. roof rack, extra tanks, bullbar, winch, dual batteries etc) to derive what suspension system you need.

There is simply no such thing as "one spring fits all".