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Sustainability features: Polyair

Supplier: Polyair
11 February, 2013

Polyair products have been independently assessed by Eco Specifier and awarded the Eco Specifier Assessment Certificate.

The certification means that Polyair products meet the criteria for inclusion on In addition, a GreenRate Green Building Pre-Assessment has been conducted and found this product can contribute to the achievement of Green Building rating tool credits.
Lower energy use

Polyair is a key element within roof, wall and floor systems that significantly reduces heat gain and heat loss in buildings. Polyair's high thermal performance against heat flow means that it has a substantial impact on the use of energy used by buildings for mechanical cooling and heating.
Reduce exhaust emissions

Polyair can drastically reduce the amount of truck exhaust emissions discharged into the atmosphere throughout Australia. Polyair's 600mm diameter rolls fit up to 6 times the amount of m2 than comparable traditional bulk insulation products, for example; 6 semi trailers of traditional bulk insulation can be cut down to only 1 semi trailer of Polyair.

Reduce landfill

Polyair packaging can reduce waste and effectively limit the adverse effects of landfill. As with the truck exhaust emissions savings, the ratio of packaging is 6:1 when compared to traditional bulk insulation products, for example; 6 traditional insulation packages for waste can be cut down to only 1 Polyair package.

100% recyclable

Polyair and Polyair packaging is 100% recyclable, it can be reproduced and transformed into new goods at the end of its life cycle providing several benefits for the environment; reduced use of new resources, reduced landfill, reduced costs for manufacturers.

Rapid embodied energy pay back

Polyair rapidly pays back its embodied energy (energy consumed in the manufacturing and distribution process). Polyair is one of the quickest products to recoup its embodied energy and begin its employment as an ongoing energy saver.

ABGR and green star rating scheme EMI 9

Polyair is manufactured to comply with the ABGR and Green Star Rating Scheme EMI 9. The requirement means that Polyair products avoid the use of ozone depleting substances in both manufacture and composition.

No airborne fibre or VOCs

Polyair provides effective energy efficiency without creating human or environmental risks associated with airborne fibres or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Safe to handle

Polyair is safe to handle, no protective equipment such as gloves or breathing apparatus is required. The products are fibre free, non itchy and non cancerous. Polyair is also water proof which ensures no moisture retention, no fungi or bacterial growth.