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Swarf Crushing

Supplier: Dimac Tooling

Waste control in workshops is often overlooked as a major cost to business.

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With labour and cutting fluid costs on the rise an economic solution for processing scrap was needed. The Swarf Crusher addresses both of these concerns along with another important consideration the environment.

Installing a Dimac KD BINNIE Swarf Crusher in your workshop will enable you to compact your swarf in easy managable billets at a ratio of about 5:1.

Model Number: KD BINNIE Swarf Crusher
Brand: KD Binnie

The KD BINNIE (Australia) Swarf Crusher comacts your metal swarf into manageable billets and then transfers them via an elevator to a collection drum. During the compaction process the cutting fluids are squeezed out and recovered. The swarf can be reduced by a ratio of 5:1 therefore dramaticlly reducing the space required by swarf bins. The KD BINIIE Swarf Crusher features an automatic billet elevator, small footprint, compact size to fit under individual swarf conveyor, simple installation and operation along with quiet operation all manufactured in Australia. With four differnet modles the KD BINNIE can suit any operation; A 50kg per hour Swarf Crusher (BSCLSHV), A Swarf Crusher with loader excluing bins (BSCLSHVLD), A High Speed Swarf Crusher of 90Kgs per hour (BSCHSHV) and a High Speed Swarf Crusher with Loader excluding Bins (BSCHSHVLD) Swarf Crushers have many advantages including:

Economic Value

  • Significant savings in labour costs
  • Compacted billets are worth more than loose swarf
  • Cutting fluids are recovered
  • Reduces space taken up by large swarf bins
  • Keep compacted swarf inside and aviod rusting thus improving the value of swarf
  • Less pickups by your metal merchant means more money saved
And Evenironmental Value:
  • Both cutting oils and metals are recycled
  • No more leaking of cutting oils down drains from scrap bins
  • Up to a 70% reduction in volume of scrap can be acheived, requiring less road transport
  • Less burning of material when remelting produces a higher recliam of metal than compared to shavings or chips alone

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