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Swinglift HC4020

Supplier: Swinglift Australia

The HC4020-35 Tonne is the original Swinglift for lifting 20’ and 40’ containers. Also available is the HC4020-40 Tonne model for lifting up to 40 Tonnes. The trailer is a fixed length with the Lift modules sliding in or out to suit container length. Wide outreach with the unique “leg over” design giving exceptional stability. The lowest tare weight side loader available in the market gives great payload. Wireless Radio Control is standard. See more options

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Swinglift HC4020

Swinglift are happy to customize your Swinglift side loader to suit you and to conform to regulations pertaining to the country in which the Swinglift will operate, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We will tailor a quotation to meet your needs.

The following are some of the options available to our customers.

  • Different types, makes, models of axles and suspension are available to suit customers requirements and preferences.
  • Tandem, tri or quad axles.
  • Fixed or steering axles or air assisted lift up axles
  • Heavy duty spring suspension or Air suspension
  • Drum brakes or ABS or EBS systems
  • Steel wheels or Alloy wheels which give greater tare savings
  • Tyre Inflation system
  • Smart system
  • All Swinglifts are fitted with a Wireless radio remote control system, however if required, a cable pendant control can be fitted.
  • Automatic greasing system for easy maintenance
  • Optional load cell weigh system with digital display right at your fingertips allows the operator to see either what weight is at each end of the container, or the total weight of the container.
  • The Swinglift can be powered either from your tractor or from an APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
  • A powerful 68 HP engine in the APU allows the Swinglift to lift up to 35 tonne payloads with engine only at idle speed which means a quieter operation.
  • Two options of APU fitment are available.
  • With the APU situated outside the chassis rails and not between there is easy access to the APU once the Swinglift is loaded with a container.
  • Fiberglass engine enclosures are also fitted to the APU fitted outside of the chassis. These protect the engine from the elements and assist with noise suppression.


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