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Switchable, Safety & Laminated Glass

Supplier: Wickham Plastics

Safety Glass developed through advanced nanotechnology, offering on-demand privacy, added security, sun protection from UV rays, at the flick of a switch.

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Safety Glass

Glass Solution - Switchable Privacy Glass

Permits snap-of-the-finger-fast electric control of light, energy and privacy through intelligent glass. A technically-advanced emulsion of liquid crystal integrated in a switchable interlayer unleashes the power to change the view from opaque to clear, electrically, in just 1/50th of a second.

For use in the Automotive Industry, Commercial Building Interiors Industry, Commercial Window, Skylight/Curtain wall Industry, Retail Showrooms/Storefronts, and up-scale high-tech homes.

Material compostion provides a great medium for use as a projection screen due to its inherent property of dispersing light. This feature enables designers and architects to


  • Invent new environment and products
  • Projection areas
  • See through appliances
  • Indoor /outdoor living spaces
  • Automotive glass roofs and windows.
  • Integrate into any space
  • Commercial or retail
  • Exhibition or showroom
  • Office or Home
  • Convention and Exhibition Halls
  • Architectural Commercial and reside
  • Windows, window coverings and skylights
  • Interior partitions, walls, doors, staircases
  • Museum show cases.
  • Innovate advertising space
  • Point of purchase and adverstising displays
  • Realestate windows
  • Eye chatching Bill Boards and road signs


The dynamic use of glass lamination with archetectural designs is limitless. With its light transmission, privacy, glare and energy control capabilities it allows for a dramatic shift in the application and performance of glass within designs.


  • Vehicle design trends - More glazing is now used in vehicle design.
  • Rooflights - As more occupants are travelling in rear space, roof lights ae providing comfort to the passenger of rear seats by allowing more light and visibility. Due to intensity of the suns glare during certain parts of the day, this can be controlled by glass lamination film.
  • Side lights and Rear lights - Provides security through control of vision and comfort through control of glare.