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Switched Reluctance (SR) Motors & Drives

Supplier: Letourneau Technologies Brisbane

LeTourneau's Switched Reluctance (SR) Drive Systems, consisting of motors and controls, are proven to deliver reliable, high-torque performance in even the most demanding heavy equipment applications.

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Remarkably simple in its design, the SR drive system has established new standards for performance, long life, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of the SR Drive include:

  • High torque capability down to and including zero speed, with full control at zero speed, with or without speed sensors
  • No windings on the rotor, adding to the durability of the motor
  • No commutator maintenance and no brushes or brush rigging to maintain, so the system requires very little attention
  • Low rotor inertia, which benefits gearing life, especially if the application involves frequent stopping and starting

Other features of the SR System include:

  • High level of fault tolerance
  • High speed capability limited only by bearing speed rating
  • Consistent high efficiency over wide speed and load ranges
  • Shape adaptable – can be designed to match installation requirements, vertical or horizontal

Generator / Motor:

  • Simplified stator winding
  • Low weight rotor
  • No windings on rotor
  • Stall capability
  • High starting torque
  • High power density (smaller size for given HP rating)
  • High RPM capability

Scaleable Drive System:

  • Common IGBT power conversion package used for generator / motor
  • ≈600HP generator
  • ≈300HP monitoring
  • Liquid cooled
  • Modules operate in parallel for larger motors / generators

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