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Synertrol Broadacre Oil

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Synertrol Broadacre Oil is a vegetable oil based adjuvant with increased wetting ability to increase effectiveness of chemical sprays.

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Used where very low water volumes are required, especially with broadacre herbicides & insecticides.

Reduces drift, odour, spray volatility, evaporation and run-off. Provides increased rainfastness and uptake rate.


Synertrol Broadcare Technical Information

When used as directed, Synertrol Broadacre Oil:

  • Increases the wetting, chemical spread and penetration of herbicdes     
  • Reduces spray drift
  • Allows chemical application when plants are wet with dew
  • Protects unstable or volatile products from sunlight breakdown and slows spray evaporation
  • Increases spreading and reduces water volumes required to cover sprayed crops
  • Acts as a spray deoderiser, reducing chemical odours
  • Reduces spray foam
  • Increases spray rainfastness

When using Synertrol Broadacre Oil, no additional wetting agent or surfactant is required.

Trials conducted by Australian Rural Management Services targeted crops such as cereals and field peas. Trials were replicated in field crops, and herbicdes were applied at both 75% and 100% of label dose rates against industry standard oils and wetters.

Synertrol Broadacre Oil performed as well as or better than the recommended oils or wetting agents with no damage to the crop. Synertrol Broadacre Oil however, includes the added benefits of drift reduction, non-foaming, rainfastness and preventing herbicides settling to the bottom of the spray tank.

Synertrol Broadacre Oil is made from Australian grown Canola Oil, by a 100% Australian-owned company. Synertrol Broadacre Oil is not a mineral oil or imported rape seed oil product.