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Synertrol Oil

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Synertrol Oil can be mixed with most registered Herbicides, Insecticides and Fungicides.

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Synertrol Oil is a vegetable oil based spraying adjuvant, used with pesticides and foliar nutrient sprays to maximises their effectiveness while minimising their impact on the surrounding environment.

Synertrol Oil is mixed with the chemical to help minimise spray drift, spray odours, and run-off, while at the same time increasing the contact coverage and uptake of the chemical by the spray target. This reduces the need to frequently respray pests due to a very effective initial spray application.


Synertrol Oil Technical Information

What is Synertrol Oil?
Synertrol Oil is an adjuvant for use with most horticultural and agricultural sprays. It is based on a unique blend of emulsifiers and super degummed Canola oil.
Synertrol Oil significantly improves the performance of most herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients resulting in a more cost effective and successful spray program.


  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Foliar Fertilisers
  • Growth Regulators
  • IPM Programs
  • Trace Minerals
  • Bulking Agent for ULV Sprays

Mode of Action
Synertrol Oil works by providing a natural safe oil carrier for your sprays.
Synertrol Oil is premixed with the spray concentrate, and then diluted in water.
When sprayed, this mixture sticks to the target, holding the spray onto the targeted area.
Unlike water or water + wetter combinations which bounce off or quickly slide off the cuticle wax on plants and insects, Synertrol Oil spreads, sticks and penetrates.

Environmental Impact
As Synertrol Oil is an organic product, it degrades by a natural process and much faster than mineral oils, reducing the risk of pesticide or mineral oil build-up on crops or in the soil. It does not have phytotoxic properties, nor does it react with spray chemicals. At recommended dose rates, Synertrol Oil is safe to foliage, fruit and crops and is kind to the environment.

Australian Made Product
Synertrol Oil is made from Canola oil grown by Australian farmers, unlike the imported mineral crop oils. Synertrol Oil is a renewable farmer grown resource. Synertrol Oil is an Australian invention which is now gaining international recognition. Synertrol Oil is recognised and endorsed by the Biological Farmers of Australia as an allowable organic input.

The Benefits of Using Synertrol Oil
Synertrol Oil offers farmers the potential to improve the results of their sprays and reduce the volume of chemicals used by:

  • Drift Reduction - Synertrol Oil delivers more uniform droplet sizes at the nozzle and target, keeping very fine droplets to a minimum, reducing drift and off the target damage.
  • Chemical Odour Reduction - Synertrol Oil reduces offensive and toxic odours associated with some spray products.
  • Minimising Evaporation - Synertrol Oil puts a protective layer of oil over the spray droplet. This means your valuable spray will survive longer on the target.
  • Rainfastness - being a vegetable oil, Synertrol Oil is compatible with the leaf surface. Its oil characteristics makes the spray rainfast within minutes of application.
  • Increased Droplet Deposition - Synertrol Oil adheres to the waxy surfaces of foliage and insects, spreading out in a thin layer across the treated surface. It therefore covers a much greater area, spreading the spray where it is needed.
  • Improving Spray Uptake on the Target - because of its vegetable oil composition, Synertrol Oil bonds with leaf and insect cuticle components. This increases the penetration of the spray into the target.
  • Making Chemical More Robust in Adverse Spraying Conditions - once applied, Synertrol Oil's protective oil layer repels water, minimising wash-off if light rain falls soon after spraying. Synertrol Oil also allows for spraying in windy conditions, or for spraying at low volumes in the morning dew. Synertrol Oil does have some activity on mites, aphids, scales, thrips and other insects. It also aids in the control of mildew and rust diseases of plants. So, always use Synertrol Oil with your insecticides or fungicides.
  • Less Water Required - as Synertrol Oil increases spread and coverage of sprays - less water is required as a carrier.