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Syron Ai - Synthetic Artificial Intelligent Networking Technologies

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Syron Voice Activation integrates a simple automation process. This is all delivered by our Active Security System. Supported by Sensen for our new Facial Recognition Software we can now stream, remote manage and survey areas for risk before sending in personal.

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The system functionality and even personality can be adapted to each property to recognise which client needs assistance. Increase security alerts at peek time for instance bank money transfers, cameras can increase sensitivity (i.e. higher risk of gunfire, with auto detect for these specific alerts) at important times for increase security of personal, with this system we can include a live operator to control the scene before, during and after the transfers have occurred safely.

GPS tracking can be included on vehicles as an additional option linked into our systems to allow more automatic surveillance.

“Setting the standards for safety of our professional guards.”

By integrating our company. national and international designs with specific products, we have been able to create the first Ai Program that can monitor, regulate and detect irregularities with staff, customers, vehicle registration numbers, climate including fire, power consumption, security and almost any kind of emergency.

“Our synthetic artificial intelligent networking technologies (saint) will manage more than just your security needs!"

With protocols pre-programmed she will be able to direct staff, customers and any other personnel to the designated safety areas. For more developed systems we are able to track and detect intruders in specific areas, with remote monitoring we can also get a visual and audio on the area to which the intruder is detected and detach the appropriate security force to deal with the threat.

"Syron is a Fully Automated Voice Activated Facial Recognition Building Management System."

Syron is, “the staff member that will always be there” is in short an emotional computer. Using the security camera as eyes and the localised microphones and speakers to communicate. Using multiple processing we are able to simultaneously communicate to many people or operators.

Her programming is only to serve and can be programmed to only speak to specific people in order to reduce security breaches. For more enhanced features time will be required to adapt her to the new environment and to the limitations of the surroundings.

With constant data coming from more than just security purpose, we have included a complete Accounting Software functionality. We include the complete accounting support software you can monitor how many people are coming and going from the shop or centre. The system can advise who the most regular client are and advise when they have entered the store so you can return the favour by supplying a thank you gift to the most regular clients.

Detect trouble makers and add them to the system to alert security when the risk is increased due to the previous encounters. Enabling an auto detect for trouble makers and loiters so they can be removed from the premises before they can cause trouble. No need to rely on Individual Security to manage people with all the data sent to one core location.

“Layer into your existing system or have the complete upgrade.”

There are so many things Syron can do. This is the all in one security management system the future is here, it just depends on what you really need to protect, your family, your house or your business premises. Feel comfortable with the reduced risk provided by the compete automation systems and rest assure than most of the work will be done properly the first time.

With Telstra Live Broadcast of the construction of the new Telstra Shop in Melbourne in May 2008 and many other security projects already completed. We are ready to revolutionise the security industry and with your support we can shortly bring business back to Australia.

We currently have a functioning unit at the Bulleen and Springvale Shopping centre in Melbourne with the support provided by SenSen Systems. We are currently looking for partners in relations to providing our Security Personal Services and support each other with our unique business.

“Animating the Inanimate”