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T.M.S Stepper Motors for Special Motion Control Applications

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Stebon has been manufacturing stepper motors since 1979 with an emphasis on high torque and power. Their main expertise is motors for special applications and harsh environments.

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An improvement in permanent magnet rotor design increases high speed performance and mechanical construction reduces audible noise. The motors are all hybrid design with 1.8 degree step angles. In 2003, Stebon manufacturing was taken over by T.M.S. (Total Motion Systems of U.K.).

Motor sizes include 1, 2 and 3 stack versions of 23, 34, 42 and 65 frame sizes. The 3 stack 65 frame size motors are capable of pull out torque of over 30 Nm and holding torque of 57Nm.

The 23 and 34 frame motors can be supplied with either 8 flying leads or a terminal box for series or parallel connection to bipolar drives. The 42 and 65 frame motors are only available with terminal box connection.


Sealed Motors

General purpose stepper motors are usually sealed to IP22 rating which is not sufficient to prevent cooling fluid in machine tools or cleaning water in food processing machines from entering the motor.

Water will corrode the iron rotor of a stepper motor very quickly. Stebon sealed motors have a shaft seal and a terminal box seal providing protection of IP54 and IP67

Brake Motors

The Stebon Brake Motors have a 24 VDC electromagnetic brake fitted. The brake is applied at all times and when 24VDC is applied, the brake is released, enabling the motor shaft to rotate.

This failsafe system is often used where the motor is working against gravity and a power failure would allow the motor to backdrive, possibly causing damage or injury.

Vacuum Motors

Any stepper motor will operate in a vacuum as there is no commutation. However, in a vacuum, lubricant in the motor bearings and some of the insulation materials will vapourise.

This is known as outgassing and will contaminate the vacuum. Correct choice of materials will prevent this from occuring. The Stebon standard motors will operate in a 0.001 mbar vacuum and are easily modified for use down to 0.00001 mbar. In a vacuum, a motor is not able to dissipate heat by convection.

All heat must be dissipated by radiation or conduction through the flange and for this reason the motor current must be derated for vacuum use.

Radiation Motors

Stepper motors are sometimes used where there are high radiation levels. It is a fact that radiation particles attack non metallic components like plastic, paint, varnish and other insulation materials, causing deterioration to a standard stepper motor.

By using the correct materials the effect of radiation is reduced. Stebon radiation motors are designed to operate where radiation doses received during the life of the motor do not exeede 100 Mrads.

Encoder Motors

Stepper motors are normally used in open loop control, however, sometimes it is necessary to track position with an encoder or resolver mounted in the terminal box of the motor. Incremental encoders from 100 to 2500 pulse/rev and 2 channel quadrature output can be fitted.


The Stebon Agrimotors are designed for use in agricultural and farmyard applications where moisture and condensation are problems due to exposure.

These motors are designed to work in these environments where corrosive washdown chemicals are also present. The motor case is constructed from stainless steel.

Due to the large range of models and options available please email Automated Motion Systems Pty. Ltd. for specifications on the T.M.S. standard and special purpose motors.