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Table Column - Column & Boom Systems

Supplier: Specialty Metals

Table Column - Column & Boom Systems, Unique boom and upright column design, 45# steel guide tracks, anti-drop unit, trimming, polishing and molding alter welding,lignt weight, strong strength and excellent stability.

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Table Column - Column & Boom Systems Features:

  • Telescopic boom inside the boom can effectively increase horizontal expansion distance.
  • Boom elevation adopts AC motor constant speed, with stable and uniform elevation as well as high safety coefficient. lt is fntted with anti-dop unit.
  • Boom expansion and column rotation and trolley adopts AC motor conversion stepless speed adiustment, characterized by output with oornstant torque, stable speed (specially at low speed] and rapid start or stop. Speed values can be displayed and preset.
  • Column rotation is divided into manual and automatic. Rotation support made by German HRS technologies is fitted with highprecision gear, and can be rotated flexibly. In addition, the support can be pneumatically Iocked. Therefore, it is safe and reliable.
  • For trolley, the tracks are standard railway tracks, being divided into manual and electrical, of which, the manual type is applicable to Ight-type and small movement column and boom, and the electrical type is applicable to heavy-type and large-movement column and boom
  • Manned column and boom is fitted with manned operating platform or operating chair that moves with the boom.
  • Operation controller and welding process controller are adopted to form local / remote control mode, convenient and flexible in operation. Linkage interfaces are reserved in the electric box, which can realze the synchronous linkage operation with welding automation, roller bed, positioner and rotation wontning table made by our manufacturers.