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Supplier: CAPS Australia
12 November, 2008

Regardless of whether your mining operation is above or below ground, at the heart of any successful mining operation is its compressed air system.

As no two installations are alike, the system is usually tailored to meet the site's regulations and operational conditions. But finding a reputable supplier that can design and develop tailor-made compressed air solutions for both above and below ground mines can be a major challenge.

According to David Green, CAPS Australia's General Manager Marketing and Sales, mines ultimately require a solution that meets the needs of the individual site. A system that is capable of performing in Australia's harsh, dusty mining environment, and one that is highly reliable and robust. A poorly designed or equipped compressed air system can have a major bearing on the mine's productivity levels and costs.

'Designing and building tailor-made compressed air and power systems is a highly specialised field. It requires extensive expertise and knowledge and this is something that not every supplier can offer.

'CAPS is no stranger to the complexities involved in designing such systems, it is something we have done for nearly 30 years,' said David.

CAPS Australia is a leading air and power solutions provider and has long been supplying the mining sector with tailor-made solutions. It also distributes a wide range of industrial products to the mining industry including electric and diesel-driven air compressors, blowers, dryers, receivers, filtration and pneumatic tools, hoists and winches.

CAPS represents the highest quality global brands including Kohler Power Systems, Robuschi, Airman, and Gardner Denver. CAPS is also the sole Australian distributor of Ingersoll Rand industrial products and the Ingersoll Rand rotary screw, centrifugal and heavy duty reciprocating compressor ranges.

But without a doubt, what sets CAPS apart from the rest of the field is its considerable and proven expertise in developing and delivering tailor-made air and power solutions to the mining sector.

Over the years CAPS has been entrusted with providing numerous custom-built solutions that are critical to the success of a mining project.

In particular, CAPS has tailor-made packaged air systems for underground locations where conformity to mine site regulations and the exacting conditions require considerable experience in the design and servicing of compressed air systems.

By combining standard Ingersoll Rand rotary screw air compressor technology with its rugged design and appropriate local modifications, CAPS is able to deliver the high performance and efficient operation needed in harsh, dusty mining conditions.