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Take the Dotmar Challenge - Replace Those Tired Metal Components with Engineering Thermoplastics

Supplier: Dotmar Engineering Plastics
19 October, 2010

Replace Metal with Thermoplastics, the lighter option for your application

Traditional engineering materials such as bronze, mild steel and stainless steel are utilised in many applications throughout the world. To qualify this comment, take the time to look around your local lunch cafe and you will quickly realise the volume of stainless steel sheet fabricated into shelving, cupboards and bench tops. If you're not one for lunch, take a look at the plastic radio buttons, indicator stalk, seat lumber adjuster or glove box of your car and cast you mind back to when these were metal. Thermoplastics are around us everyday slowly but surely saving weight and cost in both simple and complex applications. In today's economic environment, high performance thermoplastics offer a cost effective and long lasting alternative when compared with metals. The added benefits of some thermoplastics include self lubrication (greaseless operation), noise dampening and impact resistant properties.

Dotmar’s range of thermoplastics which includes Ertalyte TX, Uniboard and Techtron HPV PPS, to name just a few, are seen as exceptional alternatives.

For example, within the mining industry, stainless steel tanks are used to recycle mine water which contains a heavy mineral content. These tanks were corroding after twelve months service. The mine site required a tank that would be sustainable for five to ten years so it was suggested to use Dotmar’s Polystone PG100 material which was fabricated and constructed using flat sheet and has now been in successful operation for many years with no problems to date.

Dotmar can assist with material selection and design in addition to machining that custom finished part. Don't have the time? Put the pressure on us to deliver the cost effective solution to your business and application.

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