Take the hassle out of moving ladders by using Carbis products

Supplier: Spacepac Industries
16 October, 2014

In virtually any industrial operation, being able to easily move ladders and raised platforms can cut down on the time it takes to set rigs up.

Whether these platforms are used for maintenance, loading or unloading products or any other function, a business could see serious wasted time by having to move the ladders into the right position every time.

However, Carbis has developed ladders and platforms designed specifically for aviation-related tasks that can cut down on this moving time.

Carbis has even developed a platform for helicopter maintenance, which is not only easy to move but also improves employee safety. The ladder is not at all bulky like other, similar products, which are cumbersome to move due to their weight.

Many of these also don't offer any fall protection. This is the perfect storm for workplace injuries, as poor access, immobility and lack of safety features can create several hazards.

Carbis' helicopter maintenance platforms can be wheeled right up to the machine, giving workers safe access to just about every part, hatch and area of the helicopter.

The platform was developed solely for helicopters, so users can rest assured there won't be any gaps once the product has been moved to the machine requiring maintenance. Handrail and guardrails enhance safety, while structural support ensure the product will last for years.

By mitigating the risk of employee injury, managers also give these workers the freedom to focus on the important task at hand - getting that broken down helicopter back in the air quickly.

There are several benefits to choosing Carbis helicopter maintenance platforms. With casters attached, users will see markedly better manoeuvrability, which not only makes it easy to move to the helicopter, but also easy to put back away for storage.