Taking control of student identification is smart and affordable

Supplier: PPC - ID Card Printer Solutions
23 February, 2012

The current cost of card printers has put them within reach of every school.

For less than $2000, your school can now have the convenience and improved security of issuing its own plastic identification cards for many applications. Adapt the cards to your specific needs by incorporating photo ID, bar codes or magnetic strips. By printing in your school colours and incorporating your crest or logo, you can create distinctive cards that reflect the school’s brand.

Compared with laminated cards, the plastic cards are more durable (no more washing-machine disasters!) and impossible for students to forge. If you currently use third-party supplied cards, it also gives you the advantage of instant replacement of lost cards as well as control over the whole process. In today’s world, professional ID card systems mean greater security for people and property as well as making it easier for schools to perform their duty of care for students. And most students love the proper ‘credit card’ feel of a professional plastic ID card.

ID cards have many uses in schools and you can adapt your cards for:

  • Proof of ID and age for travel concessions, entertainment and school functions
  • Easy student identity check for teachers in large schools where not everyone is known to them
  • Inclusion of students’ “medical alert” details for emergency situations
  • Library book borrowing bar-code system
  • Access to restricted areas (e.g. science laboratories or gym)
  • Automated attendance system
  • Credit to pay for photocopying, tuck-shop etc
  • Cheat-proof ID verification for exams
  • Staff ID or name badge.

Many uses for professional administration

Linked to your computer and an ordinary digital camera, they allow you issue photo ID cards instantly. Alternatively you can upload existing photo files. With user-friendly software for a Windows environment, the whole process is simple – and our team will be happy to explain the different facilities. Join the many schools that are enhancing their ID security and improving efficiency through automated identification. Contact us today to find out more about the possibilities with PPC card printers.
Two user stories demonstrate the capabilities.

John Paul College
All Hallows
Uni of Wollongong