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Tamper & Theft Proof Bags

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Evidence and document bags

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Switched On knows about accountability. These specially designed tamper proof bags are used by law enforcement through out the world. The same properties that make them perfect for preserving the "chain of custody" for evidence presented in law courts make them perfect for the protection of valuable goods and important documents.

The creation of a chain of custody is useful not only for the administrative purposes, but in the event that the evidence bag is opened, the point of entry into the tamper evident bag can be pinpointed by going back to the last person to receive the evidence bag in good order, as shown on the chain of custody right there on the front of the specially designed custody bag.

This ensures accountability on behalf of the personnel handling your property as an easily tracked audit trail will identify suspect behaviour. In all cases of attack to the integrity of the bag simple visual notification is obvious to any person. Inspection for visible evidence of tampering is critical in establishing the procedures for any quality control system.

Suggested Uses:
  • Collection and preservation of evidence.
  • Storage of valuable items, high end items.
  • Transport of drug specimens taken from employees.
  • Cash collection for banks, gaming venues, stores and other cash handling operations.

These tamper evident evident and document bags are specifically designed with face printing that can be easily written on in order to detail the contents of the evidence bag, the officer or employee sealing the bag, the name of the suspect, and even the chain of custody.

An easily removed receipt is provided at the top of the tamper evident document bag in order to have a record of which document bag contains what contents, and that receipt can be attached to paperwork or property book.

These evidence and document bags are printed with sequential numbers and signature lines that help to make replacement of the bag, without tell-tale signs of tampering, next to impossible.

Product Features
  • Specially designed tamper evident bag tape reveals a "TAMPERED/OPENED" message when the evidence bag is sealed and then opened, which makes tampering easily identifiable.
  • Evidence and document bags are printed with sequential numbers.
  • Evidence and document bags have write able surfaces.
  • Individual unique numbers on each bag and also on detachable receipt.
  • Printed with receipts, sequential numbers, sequential bar codes, or both.
  • Chain of custody form on the front of the specially designed custody bag.
  • Will activate if subjected to heat, solvents, peeling, or cold.
  • Tamper resistant top seal which clearly shows the word opened.
  • Bags can withstand attacks by freon gas or liquid nitrogen.
  • Heat and Freeze Resistant Tamper Evident after exposure to hair dryer or Freon gas
  • Internal and external gussets for odd shaped items.
  • Can be printed in up to three colours.
  • Bags can be made in sizes up to 254cm high x 76cm wide.
  • Bags can be made for electronics or heavy products such as coins.
  • Manufactured in clear or opaque materials up to 6mm thick.
  • Customised with unique logos or text format to customers specifications.
  • Bags can be provided in rolls for easy removal and loading.
  • Unsealed, the bags reflect a brown and purple security seal. When closed the seal turns all purple showing that the contents are loaded and the seal is secure.
Switched On's specially designed tamper evident bag tape reveals a "TAMPERED OPENED" message when the evidence bag is sealed and then opened, which makes tampering easily identifiable.

The Tamper Evident bags are ideal for any agency that commonly collects evidence or property for safekeeping, and its easy-to-use chain of custody area provides administration with a written record, right there on the evidence bag, that identifies each person to have handled the bag in transit.

Switched On staff have experience dealing with problems that face businesses today in relation to employee theft and shrinkage from theft and can pass on this knowledge to help maximise your profits.

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