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Tank Fittings | Tank Flange

Supplier: Paton Industries

Tank Fittings are important

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Tank Fittings | Tank Flange

Please remember your new Paton Tank comes with a ¾ “ ball valve tap and tank flange, inlet strainer and an overflow

Why are fittings important

To make sure you get the best from your Paton Water Tank, correct choice of fittings is essential. There are many number of fittings and accessories on the market and Paton Tanks can help you make sure your tank water is the best it can be.

Choosing the right fitting

For a small domestic household tank a ¾” outlet fitting should be sufficient for simple tap use. If you are considering a pump with your tank, then a 1 ½” fitting is required. It is important that you receive advice from your plumber for the correct choice.

Tank Flange

This is required to thread a ball valve or gate into for your water outlet. Also is used to join multiple tanks together as an equaliser pipe or maintenance outlet with a bunge.

Sizes: ¾”, 1”,1 ½” and 2 “