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TankPro | Water Recycling & Sanitation Systems


TankPro is committed to manufacturing, designing and developing high quality sanitation units, that produce a Sterilising Biocide manufactured by the low voltage emission using electrolysis, converting the mineral salts within the actual stored water, sanitising the stored water environment onsite.

The production of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL) by the TankPro TP250 unit, produces an optimal result in recycling, treating, sterilising, disinfecting water stored in rainwater tanks, grey water storage tanks, portable water containers and aerated waste water treatment systems.

TankPro is also committed to community aid based activities, for the treatment of recycled drinking water in developing countries. Making provisions for clean, safe, sterile water available to communities that are most effected by water borne disease.

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TankPro manufactures to the highest quality, functional and easy to use sterilisation units that are economical to operate and easy to maintain.

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