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Technical Specification Sheet - 5% Silver

Supplier: Ausweld
15 November, 2011

All statements, information and data given are believed to be accurate and reliable but are presented without guarantee, warranty or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied.


Stay-Silv® 5 brazing filler metal is a frequent choice for brazing copper. It has a wide melting range which allows the operator to fill loose connections. It can be used to braze brass with the use of Stay-Silv® white brazing flux. Stay-Silv® 5 is not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous metals.


  • Silver 4.8-5.2 %
  • Phosphorus 5.8-6.2%
  • Copper Balance
  • Other Totals 0.15 % maximum


  • Solidus 1190°F (643°C)
  • Electrical Conductivity 9.6
  • Liquidus 1494 -1506°F (812-819°C)
  • Electrical Resistivity 18.1
  • Brazing Temperature Range 1320 - 1500°F (716 - 816°C)
  • Specific Gravity 8.14

Available forms
Standard wire and rod diameters and formed rings.

Specification Compliance
ANSI/AWS A5.8 Class BCuP-3, ASME SFA 5.8 Class BCuP-3, QQ-B-650C Class BCuP-3

Recommended Flux
No flux required for copper to copper connections. Stay-Silv® white brazing flux for brass or bronze.

WARNING: PROTECT yourself and others. Read and understand this information.

  • FUMES AND GASES can be hazardous to your health.
  • ARC RAYS can injure eyes and burn skin.
  • Before use, read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and your employer's safety practices.
  • Keep your head out of fumes.
  • Use enough ventilation, exhaust at the flame, or both, to keep fumes and gases from your breathing zone and the general area.
  • Wear correct eye, ear, and body protection.
  • Do not touch live electrical parts.