Technology in Logistics

Supplier: Gamma Solutions
10 March, 2015

Modern society is incredibly fast paced; people demand speed in their lives, as time is very precious.

Similarly to this, with the prominence of online shopping, increasingly, people want their goods delivered the same day that they place their order. 

A recent study of over 350 large transport and logistics organisations commissioned by Intermec showed that 77% of organizations have customers that demand same-day delivery. Many companies struggle to cope with these demands and are searching for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. One of these methods is the introduction of mobile solutions.

To scope the extent of the problem that same-day delivery poses to these companies, a staggering 92% of the surveyed organisations said that they struggled to cope with the demands of delivery. When dealing with the large scale of orders that some of these logistical organisations have, it becomes a nightmare attempting to coordinate and ship out the vast number of orders.

Add on to this the fact that 38% of U.S companies believe that their operational efficiency is the most important aspect of their strategy, and suddenly it becomes increasingly important to maximise productivity and reduce costs in the warehouse.

In this scenario, it becomes imperative to implement technology and a rigid system in these warehouses in order to cut down the time taken for picking and delivery of items. The managers surveyed know that technology is important, with studies showing that picking and delivery time can be reduced by around 30% each with the introduction of new technology in the warehouse.

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