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Tecnic | Innovative Retractable Roofs


Experts in quality, Tecnic is renowned for the design and manufacture of innovative Retractable Roofs, always placing quality first.

Australia plays host to some of the world’s harshest weather conditions, Tecnic Retractable Roofs are the perfect match up, ensuring your outdoor living experience is comfortable and enjoyable all year round.

Tecnic is committed to sustainability. We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly retractable membrane solutions.

Our team draws inspiration from transforming outdoor spaces into enjoyable living environments. Through creativity we strive to maintain the lines between design and functionality.

Tecnic’s SkyMax and Roltex Retractable Roof Systems offer unparalleled functionality and style, coupled with our extensive project experience, enables us to solve Australia’s unique environmental challenges.

Tecnic is one of the largest European brand names in Retractable Roofs and for over two decades the name has been synonymous with creating outdoor living environments.

In collaboration with leading architects, designers and builders, Tecnic continues to develop new concepts and innovative products, which are seen as fundamental to architectural creativity and advancement.

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Flexibility and functionality has always been challenging when creating outdoor areas for home or work environments.

Conventional roofing will block natural light entering the building when required, and further more will generate a greenhouse type heat effect on warmer days of the year.

Tecnic Retractable Roofs are the worlds only fully retractable roof system, that has been specifically designed for quality residential projects and mid-sized commercial installations.

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