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Teflon Tapes & Slick Surface Tapes | ETS

Supplier: ETS Embossing and Tape Supplies

ETS Embossing & Tape Supplies have a range of teflon tapes and slick surface tapes, you can now order teflon tape and UHMW (slippery surface tape) at our online tape store.


ETS Teflon Tapes and Slick Surface Tapes

# Our fabric coated teflon tapes have a wide range of applications, the most common being used for heat sealing machines (sometimes called - Heat Sealing Tape). 

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# Our slick surface tapes most common applications are - conveyor rails, chutes and slides.

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Below are some 3M teflon and UHMW tapes.

3M™ PTFE Glass Cloth Tape 5453
PTFE Glass Cloth Tape 5453 is a premium performance, glass cloth tape impregnated with PTFE and silicone adhesive, which provides a high temperature release surface for protection & insulation. The thing glass cloth backing means the tape is highly durable, and puncture resistant, with good heat transfer properties. These features help prolong the life of parts, tools & machinery, as well as helping reduce heat consumption. The exceptionally smooth surface provides a non-stick low coefficient of friction surface, which can be used to line conveyer chutes and any other application requiring a slick surface.  
3M™ PTFE Film Tape 5490
Extruded PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) film backing with a silicone adhesive, which provides an exceptionally smooth surface similar to 5453. The tape has a low coefficient of friction, high mechanical strength, and easy release liner, which means it is durable whilst still getting the job done. 
3M™ Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Squeak Reduction Tape 5430
Low coefficient of friction polyethylene film tape with an acrylic adhesive, which helps controls squeaks & rattles. Tough UHMW Polyethylene properties mean this tape is abrasion resistant and also self lubricating, which can help improve productivity and long lasting performance. 

Fabric Coated Cloth Tape

  • Strong cloth tape coated with fluropolymer (PTFE)
  • High temperature adhesive
  • Used on heat sealing machines
  • Self adhesive - easy to apply

UHMW Polyethylene Film Tape

  • Clear abrasion resistant film
  • High tack acrylic adhesive
  • Polyethylene film provides a 'slippery surface'
  • Ideal for use on conveyor systems
  • Prevents wear on metal surfaces
  • Conveyor rails, chutes and sides
  • Easily applied and replaced - self adhesive

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