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TekMark Australia

TekMark Australia | Test & Measurement Supplier, Tektronix Distributor

TekMark Australia

TekMark Australia is the sole Authorised Australian Distributor for all Tektronix Instrumentation Products.
This includes all Tektronix Oscilloscope products, Logic Analysers, all Arbitrary Function/Waveform Generators, Real Time Spectrum Analysers, Video Test Products, and all Accessory products.

The staff at TekMark Australia have a combined experience of over 60 Years with Tektronix and provide full technical support, user training, technology seminars, and product demonstrations for all Tektronix products including:

- TDS1000B/2000B Series Oscilloscopes
- TPS2000 Series Power Oscilloscopes
- DPO/MSO2000 Series Digital Phosphor/Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
- DPO/MSO3000 Series Digital Phosphor/Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
- DPO/MSO4000 Series Digital Phosphor/Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
- TDS5000B Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
- DPO7000 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes
- DPO/MSO70000B Series Digital Phosphor/Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
- DSA8000 Series Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes
- RSA3000B and RSA6000A Series Real Time Spectrum Analysers
- H600 Series Portable Real Time Spectrum Analysers
- TLA5000 and TLA7000 Series Logic Analysers
- AFG3000, AWG5000 and AWG7000 Series Arbitrary Function/Waveform Generators
- All Video Test Products – Waveform Monitors, Generators, MPEG Analysers, Cerify.

TekMark Australia’s portfolio of Test & Measurement, Monitoring and Training products includes several other leading suppliers:
- VTI Technology – Precision Instrumentation for Electronic Signal Distribution, Data Acquisition and Monitoring
- Z Technology – Precision RF Test and Monitoring Systems for Radio & Television Broadcast
- ABI Electronics - Fault Diagnosis Equipment, Circuit Board Testers and Component Testers
- Quantum Data – HDMI and DVI Test Generators and Analysis Systems
- Edibon – Technical Teaching Equipment
- Promax – Electronics Training Systems

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TekMark Australia is a premier Testing Technology Supplier to the High Technology Electronics Industry encompassing:

1) Broadcast
2) Government & Defence
3) R & D
4) Electronics Manufacturing
5) Aerospace & Avionics
6) Telecommunications
7) Data Communications
8) Education & Training
9) Test Integrations & Consultancy

Test & Measurement Solutions include the following and more:-

1) Oscilloscopes
2) Spectrum Analysers
3) Video Test Equipment,
4) Broadcast Testers,
5) Logic Analysers
6) Signal Sources,
7) Function Generators,
8) Waveform Generators,
9) Data Communication Testers
10) Handheld testers & devices
11) Test Probes and accessories

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