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Telephone Sales Strategies Manual

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Over 117 simple telephone and sales strategies, scripts and ideas that can get you new customers, increase your sales and double your profits in less than 90 days!

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The telephone is the most powerful sales tool for increasing sales and getting new customers for the 21st century.

Peter Sun has made the rather bold claim that he can teach any business owner how to create a new customer and sales explosion within his or her business using his unique style of telephone sales and marketing.

Now he'd like to prove it to you, in exact detail, by offering interested clients an exciting NEW MANUAL revealing some of his telephone selling secrets. But first, let me tell you why he's doing this.

Save thousands of dollars and get huge sales increases by using your phone correctly.

If you need to make sales quickly, the phone is your best friend. The cost of using the telephone is a fraction of what it costs you to sell in any other way. It's fast, convenient (you don't even have to leave your office) and very profitable - if you do it right. Do it wrong (like most businesses) and you are throwing your money down the gurgler.

Finally - discover how to produce a constant stream of new profits with your telephone!

Here's the dirty little secret about making big money in your business with the telephone (any business)! It doesn't have a whole lot to do with how good of a job you do or what product you sell.

You can have the best product on earth, give only the best service, have the best staff and flat out do a super job and still be starving to death.

The reason this is happening is simple. Our latest research shows that today over 92% of all sales involves the use of the telephone at some stage of the sales process.

The problem is . . . most telephones DO NOT come with instructions on how to use them, and certainly not telling you how to use the phone to effectively sell your products or services.

This has most business owners and their staff struggling trying to make sales using out of date sales techniques and not suitable for telephone selling at all. Here is the most important skill you will ever learn:

Use your telephone to get a continuous stream of new customers and profitable sales.

How in the world do you do that? Let Peter tell you what you DO NOT do: You DON'T just put someone on your telephone `hoping' they are going to sell like crazy. You DON'T do used-car-salesman-style door knocking "grunt work" to try and find a customer or two when you could be using the phone to contact four times as many people at one third the cost.

Listen, let's not mince words. Here is the uncomfortable "secret" realisation you must understand before you can unleash your telephone sales potential:

If you aren't making the money you want, then it means you probably aren't using the phone to your best advantage. Peter's never met a business who went broke from using the phone to get tons of new sales and bring too many customers!

Yet, most businesses flush thousands of dollars down the toilet each year on ineffective advertising, lousy salespeople and telephone methods that just plain don't work. That's a quick way to the poorhouse.

Listen; aren't you tired of working all those hours, but never making any real money? Do you feel like a "slave" to your business? Are you sick of throwing away your hard earned money on advertising that stinks and sales people that don't come up with the goods? Do you want to improve your cashflow - but don't believe you really can? Well, what if we told you there was ONE single tool, a skill, one ability that virtually guaranteed that you'd not only survive, but thrive.

The telephone is your most powerful sales tool of the 20th century!

The telephone is a super-effective, efficient, affordable method of attracting a constant flow of fresh, new customers and sales to YOU! Even more importantly, once you capture that new customer, you can use the phone to make extra sales to them. (And there are dozens of ways to easily increase the worth of each customer by 50% or more by using the phone correctly. Such an increase could EASILY fund your retirement.)

The problem is, you will not be able to get the information you need about this powerful style of telephone marketing from any industry trade publication, listening to your spouse or advertising sales rep, nor will you find it by attending traveling side shows and slinky sales seminars.

However, Peter's made some pretty bold claims here. He wants you to be able to see for yourself if his telephone selling "secrets" will work for you too. You can receive all the details in an exciting NEW MANUAL he's just written, entitled:

"How To Sell More With Less Effort Using Your Telephone"

This great manual is available to any business interested in learning:

  • How to get an immediate and on-going flow of profitable sales - even if you're cash poor.
  • The 6 biggest mistakes when using the telephone - and how to avoid them!
  • The startling secret of how to increase your net profits by up to 50% on each sale without any additional costs.
  • How to get all the new customers you need at zero marketing cost using your phone.
  • The exact words you must use to maximise your sales on the telephone.
  • How to get your customers to buy more from you and more often than before.
  • The seven rules for using the telephone successfully to make extra sales.
  • The 8 steps to making profitable telephone sales in your business.

Word-for-word scripts you can use.

And much, much more! Including a BONUS section with scripts and handy forms you can adapt for your business.

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