Temperature monitoring and data logging for concrete curing

27 September, 2011

Pyrosales were recently involved with Australia’s largest road infrastructure project, BrisConnections.

Thiess John Holland, the Head Contractors, approached Pyrosales to deliver a solution for monitoring temperature during concrete curing.

Pyrosales provided a solution that enabled the project engineers to monitor the concrete temperature both on site and record data to provide reports for the project approval process. Products supplied include temperature elements with extension cable, and dual input data loggers with logging software.

The temperature elements consisted of a matched resistance thermistor bulb in a waterproof housing and 16 meters of extension cable. Pyrosales maintained stock of the components in our Brisbane factory to enable fast production of the elements and security of supply to match the requirements of the project. The cost was reduced through production runs to best utilise the labour input required.

The dual input and alternate display of the two temperature points shown on the data loggers enabled the onsite engineers to closely monitor the relative curing temperatures, so that corrective action could be taken if variations were outside the allowable limit.   Logged data could be downloaded on site while the units still operated or the unit could be removed at the end of the logging period for downloading at the site office.

This project allowed Pyrosales to demonstrate problem-solving abilities and provide products to meet the customers’ needs.  The vast range of products included data loggers, thermocouples, RTDs, hand-held calibrators, thermal imaging cameras, and equipment to measure and manage flow, level and pressure.  Pyrosales’ works with its customers to provide total sensor solutions.