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Ten reasons to select Epicor 9 ERP's latest release

Supplier: Epicor Software (Aust)
27 August, 2009

Ten reasons to select Epicor 9 ERP's latest release — the ultimate solution to lift your bottom line and get better results.

Relentless demand for change is the constant challenge for all businesses. Innovation, customer demands and competitive pressures drive your organisation to evolve with the market. Epicor developed its latest generation of enterprise software to ensure you can meet challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Epicor is designed for the way people work today. Here are ten reasons why your organisation should consider selecting Epicor's next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Flexibility and adaptability

As your organisational needs change, you need a business architecture that allows you to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Epicor ICE (Internet Component Environment), the underlying technology framework for Epicor, merges the flexibility of a true service- oriented architecture (Epicor True SOA) with Web 2.0 concepts to not only meet business requirements today, but offer the flexibility to adapt to future opportunities.

Increase user-productivity

Enabling continuous performance improvement within your business means empowering your employees to be more productive and simplifying processes for better utilisation of your resources. Epicor True SOA features the Epicor Everywhere Framework, a unique technology that allows you to extend your current applications to Microsoft Windows, Web browsers and mobile devices, ie iPhone and Blackberry. By extending Epicor to familiar and convenient productivity tools and leveraging Web 2.0 concepts, such as enterprise search, presence, and real-time communication, ICE enhances the user experience and productivity.

Higher quality and lower costs

Lean manufacturing and total quality initiatives are critical to continued success in a highly competitive market. Epicor's next-generation solutions are positioned to support just that with business process management (BPM), a solution that lets you create and model your business processes within your Epicor business application. The system can put records on hold, automate notification, invoke custom code, and require additional data entry (such as a password for electronic signature) based on your unique business rules. Additionally, product data management capabilities include document vaulting in Microsoft Office SharePoint for rapid retrieval and collaboration. Best of all, should a new process be required then the BPM can easily be changed.

Optimise your supply chain

End-to-end management of goods from sales order to shipment requires streamlined processes both internally and with suppliers. Maximising effectiveness of your supplier network requires the use of new tools such as Service Connect, a business organisation and integration tool that enables faster and more efficient application-to-application and business-to-business connectivity. Enhanced solutions for efficiently managing internal supply chains coupled with tightly controlling inventory resources and organisation of these resources, maximises the effectiveness of your supplier network while controlling costs.

Choice and flexibility

Applications and business processes can easily be customised to meet your organisation's specific needs and every-changing business requirements. User interfaces can be modified using ICE to specifc roles, workflow and preferences, significantly improving the end user experience.

Maximise business insight

You need analysis tools that logically and dynamically align with your business processes and your users. Epicor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) places a heavy emphasis on the active use of the right information at the right time for the right people. It proactively guides and readjusts the course of your business rather than just passively measuring its progress or reserving business intelligence tools for a chosen few.

Seven global solutions with Epicor local expertise

Many ANZ businesses are different from USA and European businesses because they are more complex at a smaller size. The size of the local market requires the business to grow internationally. Epicor next generation enterprise applications feature a unique "configurable engine" approach which makes it easier to adopt the legal and legislative requirements of the world's economies and the international standards including IAS, IFRS, and GAAP. Epicor created a truly configurable ERP platform that can be tuned for small, medium and large businesses, different industries, local firms or multinational conglomerates without the need for complex source code changes. Epicor makes business anywhere a reality.

Standardisation and consistency

Epicor provides a consistent, repeatable single solution approach that integrates your corporate business with divisions and operating locations. Epicor enables the local, regional, or centralised deployment of master data and standard processes within a consistent, pervasive security framework. This ensures that operational information produced locally, cascades upwards into a single consolidated view of global activities that accurately reflects your organisation's performance.

Microsoft and Epicor — unified global solutions

As an elite Microsoft global Gold partner, Epicor is able to integrate Microsoft licensed products into the solution and distribute a fully licensed solution to you. Through Epicor you receive support for your unified solution. There is no need to call Microsoft directly for support. Upgrades obtained through Epicor are tested and optimised to run with your total solution. Most importantly, because of Epicor's partnership with Microsoft, these products are available at a low cost.

Epicor investment in R&D

Epicor continues to invest substantial amounts in their R&D programme. Customers can be assured that Epicor is committed to improving the product chosen to run their businesses and is keeping up or leading the field. Business Analysts such as Gartner and Aberdeen agree.

Seamless business management

A complete end-to-end resource based on more than a dozen modular business suites, Epicor places significant emphasis on embedded capabilities, like customer and supplier relationship management, advanced planning and scheduling, business process management, field service management and product configuration all available as system wide processes.

Through a unique combination of sophisticated global business management, distributed deployment and master data management facilities, you can truly virtualise your enterprise. Epicor have created a truly configurable ERP platform that can be tuned for small, medium and large businesses, different industries, local firms or multinational conglomerates without the need for complex source code changes. Epicor makes business anywhere a reality. This combined with COGITA's local expertise makes for a truly exciting future.

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