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Tension Leveling Line / Stretching & Straightening Machine

Supplier: Nantong Reliantt Co., Ltd.

Tension Leveling Line/Stretching & Straightening Machine (Coil Processing Line) from Nantong Reliantt Co. meets the high request of material surface.

Price Guide: POA

The machine makes the steel coil straight and flat to meet the requirement by the processing of tensile uncoiling, tensile stretching, tensile straightening and tensile winding. 

It takes both the advantages with continue tensile straightening machine and rollers straightening machine, to keep the steel coil shape getting changed. Then all the defaults much as adage corrugate, middle corrugate and bend to be cancelled. Also at the same time servile small diameter roller sets on the bending roller, steel strip pulling by tension force and going through those rollers to get the strip flatted.

 Because of they are consisted by many small diameter rollers supported by one set supporting rollers so the shapes change also very small in getting high rigidity. The steel coil changes the shapes at the first zone continually to make the remaining deformation getting uniform. It is disappeared at the second zone to make the coil straightened.

Equipment List:
- Mainframe (Stretching & straightening machine)
- Backing bearing
- Decelerator for Bridle
- Decelerator for Bridle
- Motor for Bridle
- Motor for Bridle
- Motor for decoiler & recoiler
- Bridle
- Base for Bridle
- Drive Base for Bridle
- Decoiler
- Recoiler
- Hydraulic Support
- Coil Lifter & Unload Cart
- Turning Roller
- Hydraulic Shear
- Hydraulic Station
- Hydraulic Floating system
- Electric System

Reliantt developed the tension-leveling line, to revamp the rolling defect of processing coil, make the poor coil become to high quality coil, efficacious reduce the problem which could be occurred in sheet metal processing course.