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Terex PT-30 Contractor Profile | United Landscaping

Supplier: ASV Sales & Service By: Contractor profile written by Ben Foster
20 May, 2014

Ryan Magi talks about his experience in the landscaping industry.


Ryan says the Terex PT-30 has more lift, which makes loading trucks quicker and easier.

Ryan Magi and his company United Landscaping have been on a constant path of growth for close to a decade. He's worked hard and smart when needed and is at a point in his career where he's enjoying seeing his business thrive through a tough economic climate.

After starting his days mowing lawns with a local mowing service, it was a job offer from a mate that gave Ryan his origins in the landscaping industry.

"I was mowing lawns and doing maintenance work with a local guy, but then a mate offered me a job with his landscaping business. It was that offer of a structural landscaping apprenticeship that gave me my start."

Ryan used his time as an apprentice wisely and absorbed as much of the day-to-day stuff as he could. Ryan could see that the business side of things was just as important as the physical work and knew that when it came time to go out on his own, that would need to be his focus.

"I started my own company almost as soon as I'd finished my time as a apprentice," says Ryan. "It was a big step for sure, but I felt I was up for it."

And up for it he was. Now in his seventh year under his company, United Landscaping, things are really humming along nicely for Ryan.

"I'm at the point now where I have five full-time worker under me, plus probably the same as that in subcontractors, so it's definitely keeping me busy."

As a part of that staffing makeup, Ryan is big on bringing apprentices through his ranks.

"We've currently got three of those five as apprentices. I' lucky in that I have great workers and it's good to be able to train them and  bring them through."

Keeping a team like that busy is not an easy feat, but the work is definitely on the boil with Ryan in  range of different areas.

"We do a bit of everything. Residential, commercial and maintenance, but the majority of our work comes from residential/commercial. For instance, at the moment we're doing 40 to 50 houses all in the same development. It really keeps us on our toes and the consistent work is great. I still enjoy  doing the small, one-off jobs as you can be more creative with it. But I do enjoy doing both."

After seven years, Ryan says that it's still a learning curve. Not so much because of the work involved, but more so the changing climate for businesses nowadays.

"There's always something new to learn," says Ryan.

"It can be tough to keep up with all the changes in the business side of things. Administrative compliance, tax etc. are things that can change so much and make it tough to keep up with sometimes, which is a big part of why I don't get to spend so much time on the tools anymore."

While a growing business has its challenges, it also has its rewards and Ryan's purchase of a brand new Terex PT-30 is one such thing. The excitement Ryan shows when talking about it is awesome to see.

"Man, that thing is like a different world compared to our old one – the RC-30 was a great machine and served us well, it was just old. The New PT-30 is great and the boys get motivated to work with it. It's faster, stronger and got more lift, which makes loading trucks quicker and easier."

Another important aspect of Ryan's business plan was to choose a reputable company when purchasing his new equipment. This company was ASV  Sales & Service. "The guys at ASV are great; they have excellent backup  support. It gives you peace of mind as a business owner to know they're not too  far away," says Ryan.

With a strong foundation built and growing success, Ryan's proof that with the right work ethic and determination, your goals are achievable. For someone looking to follow in his shoes, it should come as no surprise that Ryan's advice is to work hard.

"Hard work goes a long way. I know a lot of guys who have tried to start their own company over the years and it hasn't worked out. I think that's because they didn't realise just how much hard work is involved. It's not just being on the tools. It takes just as much work on the actual business. It's tough, but it's also really rewarding at the same time."