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Termite Resistant Timber | DPR Plus

Supplier: DPR Hardwood

Termite Resistant Timber DPR Plus Counters Termites

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Termite Resistant Timber | DPR Plus

Ford Timbers (manufacturers of DPR hardwood) has addressed termite infestation in its range of termite resistant, DPR Plus structural hardwood products that are ideal for all bearer, joist and framing applications.

The DPR Plus range is made from specially selected CCA treated, termite resistant hardwood species which exhibit low shrinkage characteristics.

The species include:

  • Red Bloodwood
  • Grey Box
  • Forest Gum
  • Ironbark (All species)
  • White Mahogany
  • Red Mahogany
  • Gympie Messmate
  • Tallowwood
  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • White Stringybark

This termite resistant timber is planed with a smooth surface and 'pencil round' edges. Specialised sawing technology guarantees timber which is strong and accurate to size.

In addition to the major advantage of being termite resistant, DPR Plus has all the usual benefits of the DPR hardwood range including the speeding up of construction time by eliminating most preparation work. All DPR products capture the qualities of hardwood without the usual downsides, such as incorrect sizing, excessive bow and spring , uneven and excessive shrinkage and rough splintery handling.

DPR Plus solves the problem of what timber to use if the task calls for durability and strength of hardwood without the usual downsides and provides the additional advantage of being termite resistant.

Features which make DPR Plus so different include:

  • Termite resistant
  • Solid bearers to 6.0 metres
  • Accurately dimensioned to size
  • Low Shrinkage Rate
  • Pencil Round Edges
  • Smooth surfaces make it easier to paint
  • Cut from only specially selected, durable hardwood species
  • High strength rating (F14 , F17)
  • End trimmed and sealed