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Testimonials - True claim stories

Supplier: Contractors Debt Recovery
08 November, 2011

Below are testimonials from clients that Contractors Debt Recovery have helped recorvered debts for.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Melanie on the professional way you handled our two claims. The skilled and proficient approach you both showed during the debt collection process, helped us collect within six weeks over 95% of the debt owing to us. Your follow up phone calls, and explanation of the what to expect from the courts, and the adjudicator, helped us understand in detail the process. I hope that we won’t need your services in the future but if they are required, I know that there is someone professional to turn to. Thank you very much."

Fire Consultant
Recovered amount: $ 10,054.00

"Anthony from CDR provided us with prompt professional advice in resolving an outstanding payment dispute we were faced with. Through his determination and incredibly efficient service we were paid money immediately that had been rightfully outstanding to us for months. A big thank you to Anthony and the team at Contractors Debt Recovery."

Electrical Contractor
Recovered amount: $ 9,596.00

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us get our money. After chasing a shopfitter for an outstanding amount of money for owed for more than 6 months and after receiving some very threatening letters from the defendants lawyers, I had almost given up. Until I was introduced to Anthony a Contractors Debt Recovery. After speaking with Anthony on the phone I regained my confidence and decide to act and get my money back.

It didn’t happen overnight but we were successful and were awarded 100% plus costs. After the client blatantly refused to pay we went to the next level and imposed a garnishee order with the banks to get our money. A little more time went by. And then I opened the mail to find a bank cheque for the full amount. I was wrapped with the outcome and rang Anthony to tell him the good news. The team at Contractors Debt Recovery are easy to deal with and always there when I needed a question answered. I personally would recommend the team at Contractors Debt Recovery and have used them since for several other claims.

My advice to everyone is, follows the steps and listen to Anthony. Do the job, get paid and don’t stress about it anymore. Let Contractors Debt Recovery take care of any problems with payments!"

Electrical Contractor
Recovered amount: $ 5,283.00

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