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testo Saveris Wireless Temperature Measurement System

Supplier: Phoenix Instrumentation

Measure, Document, issue alarms. All Automated with testo Saveris. The Saveris measurement system measures temperature and humidity values in the environment and in processes. The easy to use measurement system provides safety and time saving thanks to automated, centralised data recording.

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Saveris Wireless Measurement System is ideally suited for:

  • Monitoring the storage climate of temperature sensitive products such as valuable inventory, medicines and highly perishable foodstuffs.
  • Any documentation of temperature or humidity data in production, quality assurance and R&D. 
  • The foodstuff cooling chain.  

The testo Saveris Base is the heart of the Saveris system and has the ability to save 40000 readings per measurement channel independent from the PC. That’s about a year of memory capacity at a measuring rate of 15 minutes.

The base also has an emergency battery which insures no existing data is lost in the event of a power failure. The system data and alarms are accessible via the display on the Saveris base. Even without a running computer, the base issues an alarm if any limit values are exceeded.

The alarm can also be transmitted via an SMS with the use of a GSM module or via a relay output to which an alarm transmitter is connected. The base can be connected to a computer with either USB or Ethernet connections.

The Saveris system is able to support both Ethernet and radio probes at the same time. This allows for greater flexibility no matter the application.

The testo Saveris radio probe, in free field has a transmission path of approximately 100m. This is disrupted by walls and fridge or metal doors in indoor applications but the signal can be strengthened and lengthened through the use of a router. They are available with either internal or external sensors and with or without a display. The display shows current measurement data, battery life and signal strength.

The testo Saveris Ethernet probes can be connected directly to existing LAN infrastructure. This allows for data transfer over greater distances. Ethernet probes use mains power and therefore can be used over long periods.

The internal memory guarantees the data is not lost in the event of a network failure or power failure. Ethernet probes are equipped with a display which shows the current measurement data and probe status.   Through the use of a converter the signal from a radio probe can be converted into an Ethernet signal. This allows the system to be as dynamic and flexible as you need it to be.
The Saveris Software is easy to install and use and does all the initial system and probe configurations. All measurement data can be saved centrally on the programs database and called up as a table or graph.

Alarms have to option to popup on the screen, and all alarms are recorded in the table as history.The option to create PDF reports with the measurement information simplifies the documentation.

The software comes in two forms SBE which is the basic edition and PROF which is the advanced edition. PROF also has the ability to integrate into a network, a comprehensive alarm management system and the ability to have measurement data displayed on a background image of the particular location.

Overall the testo Saveris offers an automatic and centralized, time saving and secure option to record temperature and humidity data with the flexibility of radio or Ethernet probes.