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The all new Terex PT-110 Forestry!

Supplier: ASV Sales & Service
19 May, 2014

PT-110 Forestry clearing the way in a growing market.

There is so much impressive equipment coming onto the market at the moment and it is a really exciting time to be in the earthmoving industry.

We have always been impressed with the Terex Posi-Tracks and the newest model to hit our shores is the PT-110 Forestry edition.

From the front of the machine to the firewall remains the same as the PT-100G with the same upgrades that the new PT-100G also features. Once you get from the firewall back though the PT-110 Forestry changes dramatically.

This is the engine compartment and the big change is that it is now tier 4 compliant.

The engine is an all-new 854E Perkins diesel engine and it is all new tier 4 compliant.

Its net increase in horsepower is up 10 per cent and its torque is up by 10 per cent.

The increase in engine horsepower was achieved with a new hydraulic fan, which replaces the old mechanical fan.

The older model used to produce 8,000 cubic feet per minute and is now producing 14,000 cubic feet per minute.

This is clearly a dramatic increase that has allowed them to use more engine horsepower due to the fan being hydraulically driven.

The other thing that was instantly noticeable was the massive reduction in noise, which is a direct result of the hydraulic fan.

Whilst we didn’t have a Db. meter to test the difference it was incredibly noticeable, so much so that it was easy to have a conversation standing right next to the PT-110 Forestry whilst it was operating.

With the mechanically driven fan the blades have to be on a very coarse pitch to achieve the cooling effect required.

The other big progression with the new hydraulic fan is that it is infinitely variable on the Forestry machine. As the engine is running cold, the fan will only run at 260 rpm but as the temperature ramps up in the engine it will vary between that 260rpm and go up to 2,600 rpm.

In the old machine the fan used to only run at 2,300 so the cooling capacity has been dramatically enhanced.

Along with the radiator that has also been increased by 30%, this massive increase really accommodates the Australian conditions.

Another feature is that you can now tilt the cooling system out thirty degrees, which allows for better cleaning and maintenance in the engine bay.

With the advent of putting the bottom on top and the two wing doors you have much greater access to the whole engine bay for cleaning and maintenance.

We haven’t seen a machine with better access and this is probably because this Terex PT-110 Forestry has been purpose built as a forestry unit to make the servicing a lot easier and keep it clean.

The forestry market has been very strong in America for many years and is an industry that we see growing every day here in Australia.

Each year there is an increase of about fifteen percent over here and these Terex forestry machines sales figures relate to that growth.

This is helped by the Terex’s ease of transport and mobility.

When a contractor goes onsite they generally don’t just do vegetation management but also repair work to access roads, remove material and cart it away, which makes this a particularly versatile tool.

The PT-110 that we reviewed is built to a ROPS and FOPS level 2, which is the only forestry machine of it’s kind in Australia built to that standard.

It can be used for construction too but a PT-100G would likely be the more suitable machine for construction purposes.

The increase in torque is especially required in forestry machines because when you are using vegetation management machines it allows you to have a quicker recovery time for the head to gain speed if you bog it down.

The torque has subsequently been increased by ten percent with this new Terex and increased the horsepower by ten percent.

This means that this machine has the highest hydraulic horsepower in the industry for a forestry machine of this type.

The undercarriage is the same reliable system that contractors love in the PT-100G. That undercarriage is very unique on its own as it has the oscillating bogie along with the torsion bar suspension in it.

This means that the left hand side joins to the right hand side and so you can hold your traction on the ground far better than other machines.

This is a purpose built machine for the forestry industry so the extra power and features are probably not particularly suited for the construction industry unless you were looking to use it for applications such as road planing or stabilization material where you could use the higher flow for a stabilization unit or a planer.

We keep referring to the Terex PT-110 Forestry as a new machine as they are just hitting our shores now but it has actually been out for about eighteen months in The United States so it is tried proved.

We probably haven’t seen it here until now as there hasn’t been any need to be tier 4 compliant here but that demand is finally starting to happen here.

This machine also features all new software, which makes it much easier to operate. You can run ISO or H pattern controls at the press of a button, you have auto idle and full instrumentation and full warning devices where if you do get into trouble the engine will automatically stop.

Terex have made these machines idiot proof basically.

We were extremely impressed with this remarkable machine and feel that this really is another dimension from the existing PT-100G Forestry with enhanced performance, ease of use, more productivity and simply more bang for your buck than ever before

The forestry market in the states is absolutely huge and Terex says that they have a customer in The States that has just placed an order for fourty of these machines.

We can only see massive opportunities for contractors in Australia to get into this market and this is the machine that will give you the edge in the forestry industry.

As much as we loved it you should really check it out for yourself.