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The benefits of a Huck BobTail fastener

Supplier: Ovesco
17 April, 2018

The revolutionary Huck BobTail fastener is now available at ovesco. Its military grade design brings better reliability and durability with less noise and fewer long-term costs.

The Huck BobTail’s military-grade design has not yet existed for a decade, but it already has revolutionised industrial fastening uses, from trucking to wind power to defence. The industry continues to find new uses for this versatile product every day. We proudly now offer the ultra durable and cost-effective Huck BobTail Fastener in Australia.

Who Uses the Huck BobTail?

For almost a decade, the Huck BobTail has proven its mettle (and metal) in the harshest industry conditions and outdoor environments. The transport industry, including both trucks and rail, have found that the no-torque design withstands long-term use, including constant vibrations, and offers more reliability. The Huck BobTail’s design solves the problem of fasteners and bolts loosening over time by creating a tight fit and lock system that withstands the rugged conditions of the transport industry. It has a track record of reduced pin breakage and corrosion.

The wind energy industry has also adopted the Huck BobTail because of its reliability. Wind farms put fasteners through consistently difficult conditions of constant use and occasional extreme weather conditions. More durable fasteners that resist corrosion cost less over time in maintenance and replacement.

The best use endorsement, however, comes from the adoption of the Huck BobTail by the aerospace industry and the military. In both cases, lives depend on using the best quality, most reliable parts. The Huck BobTail has proven itself in the most difficult environments and extreme conditions.

The military tested Huck BobTail fastener sold by ovesco can improve quality in products produced by any sized business, not just major industry. The big players already tested it, so you know these durable fasteners can also work for you.

How Does the Huck BobTail Work?

Huck BobTail fasteners can be installed in as little as two seconds with a four-step process using a special hydraulic tool. Installation with no pin break means less debris falling to your shop floor.

Less metal debris falling to the shop floor means a tremendous reduction in noise, boosting worker hearing safety. It also reduces instances of foreign object damage to machinery, as well as possible injury. Finally, less debris on the floor means more efficient clean up.

Find Out How the Huck BobTail Sold at ovesco Can Work for Your Business

ovesco brings quality parts to hard-working businesses and now proudly offers the Huck BobTail fastener.

Reach out to us today to find out how these durable products can improve your process.