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The castability of Zinc Die Casting alloys

Supplier: Diecasting Solutions (NZ) Ltd
08 November, 2012

The castability of Zinc Die Casting alloys in combination with the capabilities of the pressure die casting process, allows ready production of complex shapes with fine detailing to accurate dimensions.

Lightweight thin wall zinc die cast components are produced economically, and closer tolerances can be maintained in comparison to other casting processes.

Characteristics of Zinc die casting alloys:

    Good mechanical properties - Strength, hardness, rigidity, high impact strength, excellent ductility.

    Wide Freedom of Shape - Capable of great intricacy and dimensional accuracy, minimum draft, from after casting.

    Durability - Long term stable properties, good corrosion resistance.

    Economy - Low production cost, low per-part die cost, little or no machining, special assembly advantages.

    Product appeal - Smooth surfaces, cast-in texture, great variety in finishing, excellent feel.
The mechanical properties obtainable from zinc alloys depend on the way in which the dies are designed and the method cast.

Most alloys may be gravity cast, however the mechanical properties through high-pressure die cast produces a finer grain structure and product within tight tolerances.

Due to the low melting temperature of zinc die casting alloys, dies for zinc parts last longer; often 3-4 times longer than the same dies when used for casting aluminum alloys.

Die casting is the most efficient process for high volume precision casting, producing the best tolerances and rapid production rates, but having high initial tooling costs.