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The Classic Function & Catering Centre uses Toshiba POS

Supplier: TOSHIBA TEC Australia
16 April, 2009

When Ravi Kumar and his family purchased The Burning Log function centre in the outer Sydney suburb of Dural, their goal was to establish it as one of the area’s most stylish and popular hospitality venues.

In early 2009, following extensive renovations, the centre was relaunched as The Classic Function and Catering Centre, featuring a large and beautifully decorated function area, a fine dining restaurant and two bars.

Challenge: A POS solution to help grow the business

With a key focus on ensuring the function centre would operate as efficiently as possible at every level, the Kumars were quick to recognise that the existing electronic cash registers offered little, if any, value. The need was for an advanced POS solution that would help streamline virtually every aspect of the business.

According to Ravi, the only acceptable solution would be one that combined
reliability, ease-of-use, quality, style and functionality. “Our family has been involved in the hospitality industry for quite some time,” he says, “and we know all too well that the right POS solution can mean major savings in both time and money. Essentially, we were looking for a solution that would enhance our customer service capabilities while at the same, provide us with the tools to help us grow the business.”

Solution: Toshiba TEC

Following a thorough search of the POS system market, the final decision came down in favour of a comprehensive solution from a Toshiba TEC Authorised Gold Dealer. Consisting of five Toshiba TEC WILLPOS A10 touch-screen POS terminals, each configured with a Toshiba TEC DRWST-51A Heavy Duty Cash Drawer and a Toshiba TEC TRST-A10 thermal receipt printer, the solution also included advanced Windows-based hospitality POS software, providing an exhaustive range of back-office and front-ofhouse features.

Sound business decisions

One of the main advantages of the WILLPOS A10 terminal has long been its standards-based architecture, giving it the ability to run the most advanced Windows-based POS applications on the market. For Ravi, with each of the terminals running the advanced POS software, that ability means he now has a powerful business tool right at his fingertips.

With the details of every POS transaction captured and stored in a cross-indexed database, Ravi is taking full advantage of the software’s reporting and analysis features. Within seconds, he is able to access up-to-date information relating to cash takings, accurate stock levels, and even – thanks to an employee identification system – the efficiency of individual staff members.

In the restaurant, the functionality of the software encompasses features such as centralised table management, recipe costing and, of course, accurate and fully itemised billing. “Ultimately,” Ravi says, “the software is removing the inaccuracies and guess-work that’s so typical in the bar and restaurant industry, and giving me the information I need to make sound business decisions.”

Style and reliability

High on the Kumar’s objectives for the function centre’s POS terminals was that they needed to complement the look and feel of the venue. “It’s important to us that visitors and customers see every aspect of the function centre as being stylish,” Ravi says. “When we were looking at the various
POS terminals on offer, it was fairly obvious that the WILLPOS A10s had been designed to fit in with today’s modern and high-end hospitality venues.”

The WILLPOS A10’s award-winning design, though, is only one aspect of the POS hardware that Ravi regards as being a best fit for the function centre. There’s also the reliability and ruggedness of the Toshiba TEC terminals, printers and cash drawers, and Ravi believes that this contributes significantly to a better customer experience. “One of the reasons we opted to go with Toshiba was that it’s a brand name renowned for high quality and reliable equipment,” he says.

“We wanted terminals, cash drawers and printers that were built to withstand heavy usage without failing or needing constant attention – and that’s precisely what we’re getting with this equipment. If spills in the bar happen, then I know the terminals have been designed to withstand them and keep on functioning without letup. When paper in a printer runs out, all that’s required is to flip the top and drop in a new roll.

“Those are the sorts of features you need in this type of environment where every aspect of service has to meet the most exacting standards.”

A solution backed by expertise

The Toshiba TEC reliability, as far as Ravi is concerned, extends also to the solution provider. “The hardware and software are only two of the POS solution’s components,” he says. “In partnering with an authorised Toshiba TEC partner, I know I’m going to receive the expert support and advice I need in helping me maximise the benefits of the solution and return on investment.

“There are any number of POS solution providers out there in the market,” Ravi continues, “but when your business relies on advanced POS functionality as much as ours, then you’re only asking for trouble if you settle for second best!”

It’s the combination of the WILLPOS A10 and partnering with an authorised Toshiba TEC solution provider that is set to have a positive impact on the continued service improvements being made at the function centre.

Ravi explains: “Aside from the immediate functionality we have with the new solution, our solution provider is working with us to evaluate new systems and features, such as digital wireless ordering pads in the restaurant, additional cash drawers if needed, and even customer loyalty programs.

“The fact is that this is a solution that’s giving us the tools for success!”