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The correct way of ventilation for chemical storage sheds

Supplier: Silo Ventilation Systems
10 November, 2010

Stored chemicals should be stored in their closed original containers, in a dry and well ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.

The stagnant smell of stored chemicals can be overwhelming when entering your chemical storage shed and a real OH&S issue.

The wind driven Alsynite Industrial Industrial Roof Ventilators, distributed through Silo Ventilation Systems, are designed to expel hot, humid and stagnant air from inside your enclosed Chemical Storage Shed, allowing for better management of your stored chemicals and your health.

The 300mm throat size of the Industrial Roof Ventilator will exhaust at:

Wind speed of 6km/h 270 litres per second
Wind speed of 12km/h 480 litres per second
Wind speed of 16km/h 620 litres per second

Why use a commercial vent instead of a domestic ventilator, because they’re 40% more efficient, and have a lifespan far greater then domestic ventilators.

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